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11/09/2011 Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. v. Optovue, Inc. et al 1:11-cv-11990 District of Massachusetts Closed
12/02/2011 Bonutti Research, Inc. v. Fonar Corporation et al 2:11-cv-05907 Eastern District of New York Closed
11/06/2009 LifeWatch Services, Inc. et al v. Medicomp, Inc. et al 6:09-cv-01909 Middle District of Florida Closed
12/06/2011 In re: Worldwide Medical Technologies, LLC Patent Litigation 4:11-cv-00614 Northern District of Florida Closed
11/03/2009 Scanlan International, Inc. v. Microsurgical Laboratories Inc. 0:09-cv-03072 District of Minnesota Closed
06/25/2009 Medical Monitoring and Paging LLC v General Electric Company et al 4:09-cv-01994 Southern District of Texas Closed
07/13/2009 HandyLab, Inc. v. Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. 2:09-cv-12750 Eastern District of Michigan Closed
11/02/2010 NuSep Inc. et al v. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. et al 2:10-cv-00225 Northern District of Georgia Closed
04/30/2009 Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. et al v. Palodex Group Oy et al 3:09-cv-00266 Western District of Wisconsin Closed
12/29/2006 Oxion Inc v. 03 Zone Co 6:06-cv-01385 District of Kansas Closed
03/23/2010 Gen-Probe Incorporated v. Becton, Dickinson and Company 3:10-cv-00602 Southern District of Califo... Closed
10/23/2000 Valleylab, Inc., et al v. Aspen Labs Inc, et al 1:00-cv-02094 District of Colorado Closed
02/20/2008 Randi Black v. Bragel International, Inc. et al 2:08-cv-01143 Central District of California Closed
08/24/2010 Trudell Medical International v. Pari Respiratory Equipment, Inc. et al 1:10-cv-00955 Eastern District of Virginia Closed
11/30/2010 University of Washington v. The General Electric Company et al 2:10-cv-01933 Western District of Washington Closed
11/09/2006 Synergetics, Inc. v. Peregrine Surgical, LTD. 4:06-cv-01632 Eastern District of Missouri Closed
06/28/2011 CALL, INC. v. ADVANCED HEALTH MEDIA, LLC 3:11-cv-03723 District of New Jersey Closed
08/03/2010 OptiGen, LLC v. Animal Genetics, Inc. 5:10-cv-00940 Northern District of New York Closed
09/28/2006 American Medical Systems Inc. et al v. Celsion Corporation 1:06-cv-00606 District of Delaware Closed
03/19/2009 Synthes (USA) v. Spinal Kinetics Inc. 5:09-cv-01201 Northern District of Califo... Closed
05/12/2004 CardioVention, Inc. v. Medtronic, Inc. 0:04-cv-02669 District of Minnesota Closed
08/03/2009 Centurion Medical Products Corporation v. Surgical Design, Inc. 1:09-cv-04696 Northern District of Illinois Closed
01/15/2008 Teirstein v. AGA Medical Corporation 6:08-cv-00014 Eastern District of Texas Closed
08/27/2007 Laerdal Medical AS et al v. Zoll Medical Corporation et al 1:07-cv-07551 Southern District of New York Closed
07/28/2011 PPS Data, LLC. v. Avisena, Inc. 3:11-cv-00749 Middle District of Florida Closed
11/09/2010 California Institute of Computer Assisted Surgery, Inc. v. Med-Surgical Services, Inc. et al 4:10-cv-05067 Northern District of Califo... Closed
06/17/2005 Cobe Cardiovascular, Inc. et al v. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corp. 1:05-cv-00410 District of Delaware Closed
10/07/2010 Hollister Incorporated v. ConvaTec Inc. 1:10-cv-06431 Northern District of Illinois Closed
11/15/2010 AntiCancer, Inc. v. Berthold Technologies U.S.A., LLC et al 3:10-cv-02343 Southern District of Califo... Closed
11/14/2008 Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. v. Syneron Incorporated 1:08-cv-11902 District of Massachusetts Closed


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