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03/06/2008 SecuGen Corporation v. Union Community Co. Ltd. 5:08-cv-01306 Northern District of Califo... Closed
04/14/2010 Dial Manufacturing, Inc. v. USASIA Co., LLC et al 2:10-cv-00831 District of Arizona Closed
12/16/2010 Effectively Illuminated Pathways LLC v. Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. et al 2:10-cv-00566 Eastern District of Texas Closed
04/07/2006 Ernie Ball Inc v. Earvana 5:06-cv-00384 Central District of California Closed
07/27/2001 Momentus Golf Inc v. Concept Sports Inc 4:01-cv-90458 Southern District of Iowa Closed
11/04/2011 Strong Industries, Inc. v. California Acrylic Industries, Inc. et al 1:11-cv-07857 Northern District of Illinois Closed
09/21/2010 NAS Nalle Automation Systems LLC v. DJS Systems Inc et al 6:10-cv-02462 District of South Carolina Closed
02/19/2009 Silverlit Toys Manufactory Ltd. et al v. Danbar International Limited 2:09-cv-01229 Central District of California Closed
11/13/2007 REINERT v. JAQUITH INDUSTRIES, INC. 2:07-cv-01551 Western District of Pennsyl... Closed
01/11/2011 Elemental Tools, L.L.C. v. Iron Bridge Tools, Inc. et al 1:11-cv-00030 Eastern District of Virginia Closed
11/09/2010 Southern Snow Manufacturing Co., Inc. v. SnoWizard, Inc. 2:10-cv-04275 Eastern District of Louisiana Closed
11/18/2011 Thermapure Inc v. Just Right Cleaning & Construction Inc 2:11-cv-00431 Eastern District of Washington Closed
08/18/2009 Mentor Group, L.L.C. v. Burbank 3:09-cv-00964 District of Oregon Closed
11/23/2011 Gojo Industries, Inc. v. Greenbrier International, Inc 5:11-cv-02555 Northern District of Ohio Closed
12/05/2011 Cherdak v. Vock et al 1:11-cv-01311 Eastern District of Virginia Closed
11/28/2005 Moore v. Harney Hardware Inc 4:05-cv-04054 Southern District of Texas Closed
10/17/2006 Maxwell Technologies, Inc. v. Nesscap, Inc. et al 3:06-cv-02311 Southern District of Califo... Closed
08/03/2005 Kohus v. Toys R Us Inc et al 1:05-cv-00517 Southern District of Ohio Closed
11/18/2011 M-Edge Accessories LLC v. Amazon.Com Inc. 1:11-cv-03332 District of Maryland Closed
10/26/2007 Kraft Foods Holdings Inc v. Procter & Gamble Company The 3:07-cv-00613 Western District of Wisconsin Closed
02/21/2008 Carson Optical Inc et al v. Office Depot Inc et al 3:08-cv-00279 District of Connecticut Closed
12/16/2011 KIRKER ENTERPRISES, INC. v. GENOSCO 2:11-cv-10394 Central District of California Closed
12/14/2011 Rooster Products International, Inc. v. Pull'R Holding Company, LLC 5:11-cv-01071 Western District of Texas Closed
12/15/2011 Eye Safety Systems, Inc. v. Revision Military LTD 1:11-cv-00636 District of Idaho Closed
01/24/2008 Custom Dynamics LLC v. Radiantz LED Lighting, Inc. 5:08-cv-00029 Eastern District of North C... Closed
10/31/2008 AIR VENT, INC. v. SHANDEX INDUSTRIAL, INC. 2:08-cv-05375 District of New Jersey Closed
12/15/2011 Millennium Marking Company, Inc. et al v. Sun State Marking Corp. 1:11-cv-08919 Northern District of Illinois Closed
10/21/2003 PARE v. ARCHIMEX 1:03-cv-02155 District of D.C. Closed
10/29/2010 Iron Bridge Tools, Inc. et al v. Olympia Tools International, Inc. 0:10-cv-62085 Southern District of Florida Closed
10/11/2007 RSR Sales, Incorporated v. Exhart Environmental Systems, Incorporated 2:07-cv-14311 Eastern District of Michigan Closed


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