Market Sectors

Market Sector Type Description
E-commerce and Software Mobile commerce, EFT, EDI, Payments and online transaction processing
Mobile Communications and Devices Handheld computers with a display screen, touch input and/or a miniature keyboard
Industrial Diversified machinery, building materials, Heavy Construction, Metal fabrication, machine tools
Networking Networking hardware, software, media and communications protocols
Financial Services Banking, Money Management, Insurance, Accountancy, Credit, Brokerages and Investments
Media Content and Distribution Multimedia content, Broadcast networks and protocols, Internet, IPTV and Streaming
Biotech and Pharma Drugs, Healthcare, Biotech, Hospitals, Medical appliances and Health Practitioners
Manufacturing General manufacturing excluding high-tech goods and services
Semiconductors Companies doing design and fabrication of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits
Medical Medical and Healthcare Devices and Services
Logistics Supply chain management, packaging and shipping, freight and delivery
Automotive Design, development, manufacture, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles
Consumer Electronics and PCs PCs, TVs, Cameras, Calculators, Audio devices, Headphones, and home products with PCBs
Consumer Products Finished consumer hard goods excluding mechanical products and high-tech consumer electronics
Energy Production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution

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