Internet Machines v. PLX Technology et al

April 5, 2011

Internet Machines MC [NPE] filed suit against Dell, Samsung and four others over a patent related to PCI Express switches with multicast capabilities. 3/25, Eastern District of Texas, 2:2011cv00193. Internet Machines, LLC has filed two prior suits against dozens of defendants for alleged infringement of two different patents. Internet Machines (later known as IMC Semiconductor) Internet Machines/IMC Semiconductor was a fabless developer of PCI Express switch and bridge chips founded in 1999. The company ceased operations in 2004. The patent-in-suit was assigned to Topside Research in 2007 and then from Topside to Internet Machines MC in March 2011. Topside is the current or former assignee of record for 18 issued US patents and seven pending applications.

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