Brandywine Files More Than 50 Lawsuits Against Multiple Internet Service Providers

January 5, 2013

Brandywine Communications Technologies filed over 50 new lawsuits last week against numerous ISP’s over patents related to cellular communication. The recent wave of suits, filed between December 23 and December 28 in multiple district courts, target providers of Internet and cellular products and services, including Alcatel-Lucent, Barracuda Networks, Aastra, Allworx, Grandstream, Mitel Networks, Highspeed.com, CDS Wireless, Colorado Valley Communications, D.B. Solutions, Geraci, Graydog Internet, Surfnet, BAIS, Bob Meiger Emerald, BTC Communications, Cactus, Coastal Telco Services, Coastal Web, Consolidated Communications, Corporate West Computer Systems, David L. Aldridge, DLS Computer Services, Erie Online, Getnet, HickoryTech Corporation, Honeycomb Internet Services, Hyper USA, Ikano, Impulse Advanced Communications, InfoWest, InReach Internet, Interlync Internet Services, iSelect Internet, LinkLine Communications, MegaPath, Microserv, MM Internet, Nextgen Internet Services, Nova Internet Services, NuNet, O.T.T. Communications, OM Networks, Orbitcom, Other World Computing, PEAK Internet, Raw Bandwidth, Sonic.net, Stayton Cooperative, Texas Communications, TMN, Trinet-E Telecommunications, Union River Telephone Company, West Coast Internet, Windstream Corporation, and Zultys. In all suits, Brandywine alleges that the defendants’ office phone systems, software, and services or DSL service and equipment infringe one to six patents ranging from management of voice and data over a network to DSL and modem based communications (6,970,501, 5,828,657, 5,206,854, 5,812,537, 5,251,328, 7,894,472). Brandywine currently has over 60 active cases, including those which were recently filed, and numerous dismissals. The patents-in-suit were assigned to Brandywine Communications by Rembrandt IP in 2010 and were part of a portfolio of patents from AT&T/Lucent spinout/DSL chip provider, Paradyne, that Rembrandt IP acquired in 2006 from Paradyne acquirer, Zhone. RPX reviewed the patents as an open market opportunity (Rembrandt_DSL-Acq) in February 2010. 12/23, District of Delaware, 1:2012cv01763; 1:2012cv01764; 1:2012cv01765; 1:2012cv01766; 1:2012cv01767; 1:2012cv01768; 1:2012cv01769; 12/26, Eastern District of Texas,  6:2012cv01003; 6:2012cv01004; 6:2012cv01005; 6:2012cv01006; 6:2012cv01007; 6:2012cv01008; District of Maine, 2:2012cv00401; 2:2012cv00403; Northern District of Illinois, 1:2012cv10319; 1:2012cv10321; 1:2012v10317; District of Minnesota, 0:2012cv03187; 0:2012cv03188; District of Oregon, 3:2012cv02332; 3:2012cv02335; 3:2012cv02336; 3:2012cv02338; 3:2012cv02339; 12/27, Eastern District of Wisconsin, 1:2012cv01314. 12/28, District of Idaho, 1:2012cv00641; 1:2012cv00643, 1:2012cv00642; District of Delaware, 1:2012cv01780; 1:2012cv01781; 1:2012cv01782; 1:2012cv01783; 1:2012cv01784; 1:2012cv01785; 1:2012cv01786; 1:2012cv01787; District of Utah, 2:2012cv01213; 2:2012cv01214; Southern District of Georgia, 2:2012cv00215; California Central District Court, 2:12cv11002; 2:12cv11008; 2:12cv11009; 2:12cv11011; 2:12cv11012; 2:12cv11013; 2:12cv11014; 2:12cv11015; 2:12cv11016; 2:12cv11017; 2:12cv11026; 2:12cv11027; 2:12cv11029; 8:12cv02228.

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