Wi-LAN Asserts Another Patent from Glenayre Portfolio against RIM with Claim Construction Deadline Approaching

December 13, 2012

Wi-LAN filed a new suit against RIM alleging infringement of a patent related to message transmission. This is the first time the patent-in-suit has been asserted in litigation by Wi-LAN. The patent was among a portfolio of patents that Wi-LAN acquired  from Glenayre Electronics for $8M in June 2011.  Wi-LAN has filed two prior suits against RIM.  The first suit was filed in June 2008 against RIM, LGMotorolaPersonal Communications Devices, and UTStarcom. RIM was terminated from that case in September 2008.  The second suit, filed against RIM in January 2012, alleged infringement of three patents related to adaptive frequency hopping for Bluetooth-enabled devices and is still pending against RIM. Wi-LAN has a deadline of January 4, 2013 to respond to RIM’s claim construction brief in that case.  12/10, Southern District of Florida, assigned to Chief Judge Frederico A. Moreno, 1:2012cv24349.

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