InMotion Sues Dell

October 4, 2012

InMotion Imagery Technologies filed suit against Dell, alleging that Dell’s laptop products capable of indexing videos infringe two patents (6,526,219 and 8,150,239) related to video indexing using motion thumbnails.  InMotion Imagery Technologies has filed 15 suits against more than 80 defendants since March 2010.  InMotion appears to be affiliated with IPInvestments Group.  The patents-in-suit originated with Videa and were assigned to the plaintiff in November 2009 by S.F. IP Properties 24 LLC.   The ’219 patent was sold at the Spring 2008 Ocean Tomo ICAP auction (as Lot 24) for $700,000 above the expected $200,000. The ’219 patent was the subject of an ex parte reexamination filed in 2010. In September 2011, claims 1-9, 11-20 and 23 of the ’219 patent were affirmed valid with some changes. The ’239 patent was issued in April 2012.  10/2, Eastern District of Texas, no judge yet assigned, 2:2012cv00624.

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