CeeColor Industries Sues Authentec

September 26, 2012

CeeColor Industries [NPE] filed suit against Authentec, alleging that Authentec’s TrueSuite and Protector Suite security products infringe a patent related to using webcams, ID badge detectors, and biometric readers to sense activity in the vicinity of a computer, record data and images during computer use, and lock the computer when the user walks away.  CeeColor has filed over 10 prior suits since March 2012 against Cerner, Digi International, Eyelock, Gemalto, Healthcast, Imprivata, Irisguard, Key Source International, and Oculis Labs.  Alan Kipust is the named inventor on the patent-in-suit, which he assigned to Sitka Spruce Security in September 2010.  According to the complaint, CeeColor is the exclusive licensee on the patent-in-suit.  9/25, District of Delaware, no judge yet assigned, 1:2012cv01205.

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