NPE Blue Spike Launches Agressive Campaign after Long Period of Dormancy

August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012- In the past two weeks, starting on the 9th of August, NPE Blue Spike has filed 19 suits against as many defendants.  Defendants are predominantly small providers of content identification solutions.  Content identification, a subset of digital rights management, employs techniques such as watermarking and fingerprinting to identify the origin of protected media and detect unauthorized use.  Blue Spike is asserting four patents in the current suits (all filed in the Eastern District of Texas) and is represented by Albritton Law.  Eight years ago, in 2004, Blue Spike filed one prior suit (involving a different set of patents) against JVC, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Verance that was dismissed without prejudice against all defendants in November 2005.  6:2012cv00499; 6:2012cv00500; 6:2012cv00502; 6:2012cv00526; 6:2012cv00527; 6:2012cv00528; 6:2012cv00529; 6:2012cv00531, 6:2012cv00533, 6:2012cv00534; 6:2012cv00537; 6:2012cv00539; 6:2012cv00540; 6:2012cv00544; 6:2012cv00556;  6:2012cv00557;  6:2012cv00558; 6:2012cv00564;  6:2012cv00565.

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