IPCom Patent Invalidated by European Patent Office

April 26, 2012

April 25, 2012 – In the latest development in a patent battle spanning two continents and four years, the European Patent Office revoked German licensing agent IPCom’s [NPE] patent EP 1 841 268 (#100A).  In addition to many other patent assets IPCom acquired in 2007 that were originally developed by Bosch for an in-vehicle telephone system, IPCom was using the #100A patent in a litigation and licensing campaign against HTC and Nokia. This is just one of many rulings in the ongoing battle that spans both sides of the Atlantic, including one made a few days ago by a Manheim regional court judge who ruled that Nokia violated an IPCom patent related to emergency services, a UK high court ruling that Nokia’s N96 phone that it hasn’t sold since 2009 infringed an IPCom patent that relates to the prioritization of emergency and security services on 3G networks, an IPCom victory against HTC in German courts in 2009 that IPCom followed up with threatening letters to retailers demanding they stop selling HTC 3G devices, and a US battle that has already seen various back and forth rulings including a February 2012 CAFC action overturning a district court decision that granted summary judgment of invalidity of claims 1 and 18 of the 6,879,830 patent in HTC v. IPCom. HTC filed the complaint for declaratory judgment in November 2008, and referenced the suit that IPCom filed against HTC in April of that year.

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