Golden Bridge Technology Files 12 Suits

April 17, 2012

Golden Bridge Technology (GBT) [NPE] filed 12 separate suits against Dell, HP, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola Mobility, Pantech, RIM, Samsung, Sierra Wireless, Sony, and ZTE, alleging that the defendants’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones infringe a patent related to 3G CDMA technology.  GBT has filed five prior suits since April 2005 against over 40 defendants including Amazon, Acer, Apple, AT&T, Barnes & Noble, Lenovo, Nokia, Palm, Panasonic, Sharp, and T-Mobile. The patent-in-suit was assigned to GBT by inventors Emmanuel Kanterakis and Kourosh Parsa in May 1999.  The patent received an ex parte reexamination certificate in December 2009.  4/13, District of Delaware, no judge yet assigned, 1:2012cv00471; 1:2012cv00473; 1:2012cv00474; 1:2012cv00475; 1:2012cv00476; 1:2012cv00477; 1:2012cv00478; 1:2012cv00479; 1:2012cv00480; 1:2012cv00481; 1:2012cv00482; 1:2012cv00483.

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