Touchscreen Gestures Sues Apple, HTC, RIM, and Samsung

April 13, 2012

Touchscreen Gestures [NPE] filed four separate suits against Apple, HTC, RIM, and Samsung, alleging that the defendants’ smartphones and tablets infringe four patents related to touchscreens that identify tap and drag gestures.  These are the first patent infringement suits initiated by Touchscreen Gestures.  The patents-in-suit originated with Sentelic Corporation, and while Touchscreen Gestures claims to be the owner of the patents-in-suit, this has yet to be recorded at the USPTO.  RPX reviewed the “Sentelic” portfolio in February, 2012.  4/11, Eastern District of Texas, no judge yet assigned, 6:2012cv00260; 6:2012cv00261; 6:2012cv00262; 6:2012cv00263.

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