TI Files for DJ against NPE Tied to Cirrus Logic Spin Out

March 6, 2012

Texas Instruments (TI) filed an action for declaratory judgment against Cradle IP [NPE], seeking declaration that TI’s multicore digital signal processors, multiprocessors, and OMAP devices do not infringe three patents related to multiprocessor computer systems, waking idle memory transfer controllers, and multiprocessors with semaphore interrupt registers.  Cradle IP filed its first suit against TI in December 2011, and according to the complaint, Cradle IP is a majority owned subsidiary of Cradle Technologies, which was founded in 1998 as a result of a spin-off from Cirrus Logic.  The patents-in-suit originated with Cradle Technologies and were assigned to Cradle IP in November 2011.  The named inventors on the patents-in-suit worked as consultants with Cirrus Logic and later as employees at Cradle Technologies.  3/5, Northern District of Texas, 3:2012cv00668.

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