Acacia Subsidiary Sues Analog Devices and Fujitsu with Patent from Alliance Semiconductor

November 15, 2011

Advanced Data Access [NPE] filed two separate suits against Analog Devices and Fujitsu, alleging that defendants’ processors infringe a patent related to DDR3 SDRAM.  Advanced Data, a subsidiary of Acacia Research, filed one prior suit in September 2011 against Freescale, Micron, Nanya, Panasonic, Powerchip, ProMOS, and Winbond.  The patent-in-suit originated with Alliance Semiconductor before being assigned to Acacia in 2007, and Acacia assigned the patent to Advanced Data in August 2011.  11/14, Eastern District of Texas, 6:2011cv00614; 6:2011cv00615.

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