New NPE with Round Rock Ties Sues Amazon

October 31, 2013

New NPE Tuxis Technologies, filed its first suit against Amazon. The asserted patent (6055513) generally relates to providing “upsell” offers to customers. Amazon’s recommendation feature is accused of infringement. The patent-in-suit was originally assigned to Ronald Katz’ Telebuyer by the inventors in 1999 and to West Direct in 2000. West Direct assigned the patent to Tuxis in December 2012. Tuxis and Round Rock have identical contact addresses listed on their websites and both name Jim Burris as the Vice President of Licensing. Round Rock was founded by litigator John Desmarais. His law firm, Desmarais LLP is also representing Tuxis in litigation. 10/29, District of Delaware, 1:13cv01771

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