Williamson Continues Asserting Patents From At Home Corp Bankruptcy

February 13, 2014

Richard Williamson, an individual who has mounted a sizable litigation campaign over the past few years, is asserting a new pair of patents against Google in his latest suit. The patents-in-suit relate to storing and delivering ad banners over multiple servers that are connected on a computer network (6,014,698, 6,286,045). The complaint accuses Google’s Ads service of infringing the patents-in-suit, which have not been asserted in any of Williamson’s previous litigation. Since 2002 Williamson has filed eight litigations including the one filed today, although all but one case was filed between 2011 and the present. Other companies sued by Williamson include Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, and Salesforce. The cases assert a variety of patents although Williamson is not the named inventor on any of them. The patents-in-suit were last assigned to At Home Bondholders Liquidating Trust and Williamson owns them as the company’s trustee. At Home Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2001. 2/10, District of Delaware, 1:14cv00177

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