Eighty-seven Online Retailers Added to eDekka Campaign in Single Day

May 1, 2014

Last week, eDekka filed suits against 87 online retailers including 1-800 Flowers, AT&T, Barnes & Noble, Big Fish Games, Brown Shoe Company, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dillard’s, Disney, eBags, Etsy, Foot Locker, Gilt Groupe, J.Crew, PC Connection, REI, Saks Direct, Shoebuy.com, VistaPrint, Wayfair, and Zale Corp. eDekka’s complaints accuse defendants’ online shopping cart features of infringing a patent related to receiving and storing user input (6,266,674).  The ‘674 patent has been asserted against more than 100 companies since eDekka’s campaign started in November 2013. The patent-in-suit was assigned to eDekka in September 2013, less than a week after the entity was formed in Texas. eDekka began filing suits shortly thereafter. 4/23, Texas Eastern District Court, 2:14cv00398, 2:14cv00400, 2:14cv00402, 2:14cv00403, 2:14cv00404, 2:14cv00405, 2:14cv00406, 2:14cv00407, 2:14cv00408, 2:14cv00409, 2:14cv00410, 2:14cv00411, 2:14cv00412, 2:14cv00413, 2:14cv00414, 2:14cv00415, 2:14cv00416, 2:14cv00417, 2:14cv00418, 2:14cv00419 , 2:14cv00420 , 2:14cv00421, 2:14cv00422, 2:14cv00423, 2:14cv00424, 2:14cv00425,
2:14cv00426 , 2:14cv00427, 2:14cv00427, 2:14cv00428 , 2:14cv00430, 2:14cv00431, 2:14cv0043, 2:14cv00434, 2:14cv00435 , 2:14cv00436, 2:14cv00438, 2:14cv00439, 2:14cv00440, 2:14cv00441, 2:14cv00443, 2:14cv00444, 2:14cv00445, 2:14cv00447, 2:14cv00448, 2:14cv00449 , 2:14cv00450 , 2:14cv00452, 2:14cv00453, 2:14cv00454, 2:14cv00456, 2:14cv00460, 2:14cv00460 , 2:14cv00461, 2:14cv00462, 2:14cv00464, 2:14cv00466, 2:14cv00467, 2:14cv00468 , 2:14cv00470, 2:14cv00472, 2:14cv00473, 2:14cv00475, 2:14cv00476, 2:14cv00478, 2:14cv00480, 2:14cv00481, 2:14cv00482, 2:14cv00485, 2:14cv00486, 2:14cv00487, 2:14cv00490, 2:14cv00491, 2:14cv00492, 2:14cv00494, 2:14cv00496, 2:14cv00498, 2:14cv00499, 2:14cv00500, 2:14cv00502, 2:14cv00503, 2:14cv00504, 2:14cv00505, 2:14cv00506, 2:14cv00507, 2:14cv00508, 2:14cv00509

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