CryptoPeak’s November Wave of Suits Hits Hotel Chains, E-commerce Companies, Among Others

November 25, 2015

CryptoPeak Solutions, LLC has filed 15 additional lawsuits this week, bringing the total number of defendants in its only litigation campaign to 65. The complaints all assert a single patent (6,202,150) that broadly relates to generating private keys in public-private keypair encryption. In July 2015, CryptoPeak sued a diverse set of 28 companies for infringement of the ‘150 patent, including Allstate, Charles Schwab, Petco, and 3M). The NPE filed another wave of suits in early November, against multiple retailers (e.g. Costco, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Office Depot, and Target), among others, and the most recent set of defendants includes hotel chains (Best Western, Choice Hotels, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Marriott, Starwood, Wyndham) and e-commerce platforms (Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline), as well as still others (Ally, AT&T, HSN, Liberty Interactive, Pinterest, Progressive Casualty InsuranceYahoo). CryptoPeak’s infringement allegations focus on the security systems associated with each of the defendants’ websites.

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