Rothschild Hands Off Image Sharing Patent from Florida to Texas Entity for a Second Wave of Litigation

April 7, 2016

Prolific inventor and plaintiff Leigh M. Rothschild has apparently formed a new Texas entity to continue filing suits over a patent (8,437,797) that Rothschild Storage Retrieval Innovations LLC (RSRI), a Florida entity, has been asserting since July 2014. The ‘797 patent generally relates to the wireless exchange of digital images between devices, and the new complaints name as defendants Canon (2:16-cv-00352), Casio (2:16-cv-00355), Eastman Kodak (2:16-cv-00357), Fujifilm (2:16-cv-00356), Leica Camera (2:16-cv-00358), Nikon (2:16-cv-00359), Olympus (2:16-cv-00360), and Panasonic (2:16-cv-00361). The new plaintiff is Texas Patent Imaging LLC, and camera products remain at issue in the campaign.

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