Stamell-Managed NPEs Launch Two New Campaigns, Expand an Existing One, with More Likely on the Way

June 25, 2016

This past week saw the number of newly formed Texas NPEs managed by Michigan attorney Erik Stamell to launch litigation double, from two to four. First, Post Media Systems LLC asserted three patents (7,069,310; 7,472,175; 8,725,832) in new cases against iHeartMedia (2:16-cv-00649) and Spotify (2:16-cv-00650). Those patents-in-suit generally relate to managing media files for playback over a computer network, with the defendants accused of infringement through provision of their music and radio online services and related apps. Next, Optical Measurement Systems, LLC accused Broadcom (Avago) (1:16-cv-0468) and Marvell (1:16-cv-00469) of infringing a single patent (8,838,822), generally related to translating packet-based data into a serial data stream, through the sale of the defendants’ optical transceivers. Also this week, Digital Audio Encoding Systems, LLC added seven defendants to a campaign that it kicked off one month ago by filing a case against Apple. With nearly 20 new NPEs formed in Texas since August 2015, more Stamell-managed litigation campaigns seem destined to follow in 2016.

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