NTT and Essential WiFi Open Up Litigation Campaign Targeting Products Practicing Wi-Fi Standards

  • March 26, 2020
  • Category: New Patent Litigation
    Market Sector: Mobile Communications and Devices

NTT (as patent owner) and Essential WiFi, LLC (as exclusive licensee) have kicked off a litigation campaign over four patents, broadly pertinent to communicating between devices over a wireless network, that the plaintiffs plead are essential to the practice of IEEE 802.11n and/or 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards. Each defendant—Acer (6:20-cv-00227), MediaTek (6:20-cv-00225), and TI (6:20-cv-00226), sued in the Western District of Texas—is accused of having refused to take a license under FRAND (“fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory”) terms since receiving a notice letter dated May 31, 2016. The plaintiffs tag the defendants over the provision of long lists of products that allegedly practice these Wi-Fi standards: Acer computers identified either by product line (e.g., Acer Nitro, Predator, Helios, etc.) or by incorporation of an AMD microprocessor (i.e., the AMD Ryzen product); certain MediaTek systems-on-chips (SoCs); and TI’s various SimpleLink Wi-Fi series microcontrollers.

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