Payment Displays with QR Codes Hit with Second Design Patent

March 9, 2022

From last September through early January, Wepay Global Payments LLC sued five companies over alleged infringement of a single design patent generally related to “a display screen portion with animated graphical user interface”. Now, a new such design patent having just issued, FinTech Innovation Associates LLC has hit the same five defendants: Bank of America (1:22-cv-01215), JPMorgan Chase (1:22-cv-01216), PayPal (1:22-cv-01212), PNC Bank (1:22-cv-01214), and Samsung (1:22-cv-01213). Again targeted are payment screens featuring QR codes and purchase amounts. FinTech and Wepay are tied to the same figure, who, per PNC Bank’s recent motion to dismiss in the Wepay campaign, “either in his personal capacity or on behalf of organizations, has filed at least 86 intellectual property infringement actions”, none of which “involved an assertion that has proven to be meritorious”.

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