EIT Holdings Refiles against E-Commerce Defendants

May 24, 2011

EIT Holdings [NPE] filed seven separate suits against Ticketmaster, eHarmony.com, Monster, Priceline.com, Linkedin, Netflix, and TheStreet.com over a patent related to web sites that provide targeted information to the user. 5/20, Northern District of California, 3:2011cv02469, 5:2011cv02466, 5:2011cv02465, 3:2011cv02468, 5:2011cv02472, 3:2011cv02463, 3:2011cv02471.  All of the above defendants were named in prior suits asserting the same patent filed in December 2010.  In the prior suits, the judge ruled that the defendants were improperly joined.  The judge dismissed all defendants except for the lead defendant.  These suits are re-filing of the prior cases.

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