MOVI Asserts Portfolio of Patents Recently Received from Rovi in New Campaign

September 23, 2016

In July 2016, Rovi Corporation (before its name change to TiVo Corporation) assigned over 15 US patents to a new, perhaps aptly named Texas NPE Marking Object Virtualization Intelligence, LLC (MOVI), which has now filed suit. MOVI’s new complaints assert five of the assigned patents against Arista (2:16-cv-01042); five against ARRIS (2:16-cv-01045); three against Barracuda Networks (2:16-cv-01038); seven against Cisco (2:16-cv-01040); five against Fujitsu (2:16-cv-01046); and one against SAP (sued in the same complaint as Fujitsu). MOVI broadly characterizes the patents as related to digital rights management and digital watermarking, using a thesaurus of impressive adjectives (“foundational”, “breakthrough”, “fundamental”, “landmark”, “industry-leading”, “groundbreaking”, “trailblazing”, “innovative”, etc.) to describe their alleged contributions to those fields throughout the complaints, which detail the development work of Rovi’s predecessor, Macrovision. Various networking products and services offered by the defendants are the accused products.

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