Federal Circuit Upholds Alice Invalidation of Messaging Patent Asserted Against Wireless Carriers

September 30, 2016

The Federal Circuit has affirmed the Alice invalidation of a messaging patent (5,826,034) asserted by Novo Transforma Technologies, LLC against AT&T (1:14-cv-00610), Verizon (Cellco) (1:14-cv-00616), T-Mobile (1:14-cv-00613), SOFTBANK (Nextel, Sprint, Virgin Mobile) (1:14-cv-00612), and a host of other wireless carriers. In a per curiam order issued on September 23 without an accompanying opinion (2015-2012), the court upheld a September 2015 grant of judgment on the pleadings by District Judge Richard Andrews, who had found that the ‘034 patent was directed to the abstract idea of “translation”, and lacked a sufficient inventive concept to convey patentability.

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