First Week of October Sees Nine New Suits from Rothschild NPEs

October 7, 2016

Inventor Leigh M. Rothschild has kicked off October with nine new patent suits—five filed by Battery Conservation Innovations, LLC (BCI), three by Scanning Technologies Innovations, LLC (STI), and one by Rothschild Patent Imaging LLC (RPI). On October 4, STI lodged five separate complaints against Bindo Labs, iConnect, Lightspeed, Microbiz, and Smartosc, accusing the defendants’ point-of-sale systems of infringing a mobile device patent (9,053,498). BCI launched its first and sole litigation campaign to date two days later with suits against Easton Sports, Sony, and Zepp Sports, alleging infringement of a patent generally related to a battery-conserving flashlight (9,239,158). Smart athletic sensors are the accused products. RPI closed out the first week of October with a complaint against Ricoh, accusing the company of infringing an image processing patent (8,437,797) through provision of its Pentax K-S2 camera. With these latest filings, NPEs controlled by Rothschild—which to date number over 20—have filed more than 260 patent infringement suits against operating companies.

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