AT&T Brought into Apparent Westerlund Mobile VoIP Campaign

April 22, 2016

IP Communication Solutions, LLC has followed six March suits asserting a single patent (9,247,071) with one in April, filed against AT&T (1:16-cv-00227).  The ‘071 patent generally concerns VoIP services for mobile phones. The prior complaints hit ComcastFacebookGenbandLine2TangoMe, and ViberMedia, with all seven complaints focusing allegations on the provision of server systems that connect VoIP client application programs. IP Communication Solutions was formed in Delaware on February 11, 2016. It lists as its address a Dallas luxury condominium that public records indicate that prolific inventor Robert A. Westerlund owns. That same address has been given by other litigating NPEs as their own, including two that have disclosed in court filings that they are subsidiaries of Strategic Intellectual Solutions, LLC (SIS). The ‘071 patent issued to its named inventors, Westerlund and Eric M. Dowling, on January 26, 2016. IP Communication Solutions pleads ownership of the patent, although no record of transfer from Westerlund or Dowling has been recorded with the USPTO. The ‘071 patent is the most recent patent in a ten-member family that began issuing in November 2008. More information regarding the other patents in that family, as well as for additional details about Strategic Intellectual Solutions and its large number of litigating subsidiaries and apparent affiliates can be found at “For the Second Time in March, a New NPE Apparently Connected to Strategic Intellectual Solutions Springs into Litigation” (March 2016). 4/5, District of Delaware.

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