Monument’s Wireless Switch IP Targets Wi-Fi Enabled Mobile Devices in New Campaign

March 3, 2017

Monument Patent Holdings, LLC has kicked off another litigation campaign asserting patents that it received from Intellectual Ventures LLC (IV) late last year. As noted in December, Monument subsidiary Wireless Switch IP, LLC received rights in October to a family of six patents (7,356,351; 7,647,070; 8,019,384; 8,175,642; 8,706,161; 9,055,426) generally related to mobile devices that can shut off network connectivity (through a “radio communication” unit) while still providing “local functionality” (through a “computing unit”). Wireless Switch IP has now asserted the ‘351 and ‘070 patents against Acer (6:17-cv-00142), ASUS (6:17-cv-00141), and Lenovo (6:17-cv-00140), accusing the companies of infringement through the manufacture and sale of laptops, tablets, and smartphones having a switch that turns Wi-Fi functionality on and off.

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