Better Mouse Traps More Defendants

April 19, 2017

As the 2016 wave of its litigation campaign dissipates, Better Mouse Company, LLC has filed four more cases, one against Amazon, E-Blue, and Wal-Mart (2:17-cv-00314) and one each against HP (2:17-cv-00316), Razer (2:17-cv-00317), and Toshiba (2:17-cv-00318). The same single patent (7,532,200), generally related to a computer mouse with a switch that changes the mouse’s sensitivity/resolution, has been asserted in these new complaints, which target gaming mice made and sold by E-Blue, HP, Razer, and Toshiba. The NPE appears to have accused Amazon and Wal-Mart of infringement through the sale of certain such mice: the E-Blue Mazer II, Mioni x Naos 3200, Toshiba’s OCZ Equalizer, and the UtechSmart Mars and Venus.

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