Guyzar Website Login Campaign Snags Another Six Defendants

May 5, 2017

Apparent IP Edge LLC affiliate Guyzar LLC has filed another half dozen cases, bringing the total number of defendants in the litigation campaign that it launched in late 2015 to over 70. The new suits accuse Genesco (2:17-cv-00361), Olympus (2:17-cv-00362), Sony (2:17-cv-00363), Zinio (2:17-cv-00364), Zoho (2:17-cv-00365), and Zoosk (2:17-cv-00366) of infringing the sole patent-at-issue in the campaign (5,845,070) through the use of the OAuth or OAuth 2 protocols on their websites. The ‘070 patent generally relates to using a separate certification server to authenticate a first server without revealing confidential information about the user.

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