Equitable IP Affiliate Adds ADTRAN to Campaign Asserting Former Nortel Patents

May 15, 2017

International License Exchange of America, LLC (ILEA) has filed suit against ADTRAN (1:17-cv-00562), its third complaint brought this month after cases against Ericsson (1:17-cv-00507) and NTT (1:17-cv-00508). The NPE’s latest lawsuit accuses ADTRAN of infringing six former Nortel patents (5,959,990; 6,970,461; 7,274,704; 7,277,533; 7,478,167; RE40,999), two of which (the ‘704 and 533 patents) are here asserted for the first time. The company is alleged to infringe through the provision of various Ethernet switches, routers, and gateways; IP phones; and line cards; as well as through certain cloud management services. Meanwhile, ILEA dismissed its case against Ericsson without prejudice on May 11; that complaint accused the company infringing the ‘990 and ‘999 patents through various types of enterprise networking hardware.

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