Uniloc Launches Tenth 2017 Campaign Against Apple, Adding Samsung as a Defendant to One Filed Earlier

  • August 3, 2017
  • Mobile Communications and Devices, New Patent Litigation

Uniloc—Uniloc Luxembourg S.A. (as patent owner) and Uniloc USA, Inc. (as exclusive licensee)—has filed yet another lawsuit against Apple (2:17-cv-00571), again asserting one of the 13 patents that the NPE acquired from HP Enterprise (HPE) this past May. The patent generally relates to using a “palm-sized computer” to control a “service” on a network, with infringement allegations focusing on “palm-sized iOS devices” and Apple TV, the former controlling the latter through operation of the Apple TV Remote app. This newest campaign against Apple comes a day after Uniloc added Samsung (2:17-cv-00562) as a defendant in an earlier campaign launched in late May, also against Apple. The complaint against Samsung asserts a single patent, generally related to remotely dialing a telephone number, accusing Samsung of infringement through provision of devices that, in combination, dial a stored telephone number.

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