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Irish NPE Launches Second OLED Campaign
May 4, 2019
Mobile Communications and Devices, New Patent Litigation
Solas OLED Limited has opened up a second litigation campaign, this time suing Samsung (2:19-cv-00152) over a single former Atmel patent generally related to a flexible touch sensor comprising a conductive mesh grid and a flexible substrate that are “configured to wrap around one or more edges of a display”. The NPE, formed in Ireland in March 2016, targets Samsung’s provision of Galaxy smartphones with “touchscreens (including flexible touch sensors) that wrap around the edges of the display”. This new case follows by about a month Solas OLED’s first suit, which accused LG DisplayLG Electronics (LGE), and Sony of infringing a single patent received from the University of Stuttgart and generally related to a “driving circuit” for “image points” on an OLED (“organic light-emitting diode”) screen.
Four Semiconductor Patents, of Familiar Named Inventorship, Asserted by Plaintiff New to Litigation
May 4, 2019
New Patent Litigation, Semiconductors
Samsung (2:19-cv-00147) has also been sued by Greenthread, LLC, a Texas NPE, over a four-patent family generally related to CMOS semiconductor devices with “graded dopant regions”. In January 2019, Greenthread granted a security interest in the patents to Patent Capital Funding 2018 – Series 1A, LLC, an entity formed in Delaware last November, years after Greenthread received the family from sole named inventor G.R. Mohan Rao, whose patents have been asserted in litigation by multiple NPEs. Greenthread accuses Samsung of infringement through the provision of various semiconductor products that allegedly contain “graded dopant regions”.
Finjan Announces Settlement with Zscaler
May 3, 2019
Patent Market, Patent Watch
Finjan Holdings, Inc. announced on May 1 that it has entered into a patent license and settlement agreement with Zscaler, resolving all claims between them, including litigation in the Northern District of California. According to an 8-K filed by Finjan, Zscaler has paid the company $7.25M and (along with certain affiliates) will receive “a license to, among others, the patents of Finjan, Finjan Mobile, Inc., and Finjan Blue, Inc.” The agreement was apparently reached amid claim construction briefing ahead of a May 28 Markman hearing. It follows Finjan’s string of settlements last year with Symantec (for up to $110M), Carbon Black (for $3.9M), and Trend Micro ($13.4M).
DOJ Antitrust Policy Change Favoring SEP Injunctions Sparks Debate with Tech and Auto Industries
May 3, 2019
Top Insight
US antitrust policy toward standard essential patent (SEP) licensing has historically focused on anticompetitive behavior by patent holders. In 2013, this posture was formalized in a joint policy statement issued by the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division and the USPTO, which in part cautioned against the imposition of injunctive relief in SEP licensing disputes in most circumstances. However, in late 2017, the DOJ began signaling that it would chart a new course on SEP antitrust enforcement favoring the use of exclusionary remedies for SEP holders—a policy shift that was made official this past December, when the Antitrust Division formally withdrew from the 2013 policy statement. These changes have sparked a heated debate, with those supporting the existing policy arguing forcefully for its return. The latest of those efforts is an open letter released on April 22 by a coalition of stakeholders including tech companies, automakers, and industry trade associations urging that the USPTO remain a party to the agreement, warning that abandoning decades of well-established, bipartisan policy would harm innovation.
QPRC’s M-Red Begins Litigating Patents Recently Received from IV
May 2, 2019
New Patent Litigation, Semiconductors
M-Red Inc., a subsidiary of publicly traded Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC), has begun to assert in litigation the first of nearly 50 US assets received from Intellectual Ventures LLC (IV) this past March. The NPE accuses Acer (2:19-cv-00143) and MediaTek (2:19-cv-00141) of infringing three patents generally related to measuring and/or adjusting for temperature and voltage fluctuations in an integrated circuit. As RPX reported just last week, QPRC disclosed in its recent 10-K that it entered into an agreement with IV on March 15, under which it will distribute 50% of net proceeds of the M-Red patents to IV as long as QPRC generates revenue from the portfolio. QPRC also reports having paid IV $75K for the portfolio, “treated as an advance against distributions [sic] the first distributions of net proceeds payable to IV”.
Network Router Campaign Shifts Gears to Target Certain Smart TVs
May 1, 2019
Consumer Electronics and PCs, Networking, New Patent Litigation
In March 2019, Cassiopeia IP LLC joined a growing list of other IP Edge affiliates to assert patents received from Siemens in litigation, accusing China Huaxin Post & Telecommunication Economy Development Center (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise), HP Enterprise (Aruba Networks), and Western Digital of infringement through provision of networking products that maintain a list of discovered network services, including DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) services, that have advertised their availability within a network. The NPE has now added three more cases, this time accusing Best Buy (1:19-cv-00799), TTE Technology (1:19-cv-00800), and Westinghouse Electric (1:19-cv-00801) over the provision of smart TVs that support media casting using the DIAL protocol. Cassiopeia IP is an affiliate of Texas monetization firm IP Edge LLC.
IP Edge Affiliate Kicks Off Campaign Targeting Network Routers
May 1, 2019
Networking, New Patent Litigation
Bexley Solutions LLC, an IP Edge LLC affiliate, has filed suit over a patent that the Texas monetization firm recently acquired from Huawei. The patent is broadly directed to routing network packets over multiple trunks by “selecting one of plural trunks forming a composite trunk to the destination”. The NPE’s new complaints accuse Black Box (1:19-cv-00787), D-Link (8:19-cv-00788), Fortinet (1:19-cv-00788), HP Enterprise (HPE) (1:19-cv-00789), Lenovo (1:19-cv-00790), and United Technologies (UTC Fire & Security Americas) (1:19-cv-00792) of infringement through the provision of Ethernet switches, D-Link in the Central District of California and the rest in the District of Delaware.
Query Optimization Campaign Launched—by IP Edge Affiliate—in Delaware
May 1, 2019
E-Commerce and Software, New Patent Litigation
IP Edge LLC affiliate Devine Licensing LLC has begun litigating one of the roughly dozen patents that the Texas monetization firm recently acquired from Huawei, suing SAP (1:19-cv-00784), Teradata (1:19-cv-00785), and Tmax Soft (1:19-cv-00786). In a set of complaints filed in the District of Delaware, the plaintiff accuses the defendants of infringement through the provision of database products that offer query optimization features utilizing materialized views (which are database objects that contain the precomputed results of a query, such as a local copy of remote data), calling out SAP Adaptive Enterprise Server 16.0, Teradata Database 15.10, and Tibero 6, respectively. The asserted patent, which originated with IBM, generally relates to optimizing a database query.
In Yet Another New Campaign, IP Edge Takes Aim at Security Systems and Cameras
May 1, 2019
Consumer Electronics and PCs, New Patent Litigation
Pebble Tide LLC has initiated a litigation campaign over a single patent, generally related to capturing digital content and wirelessly sending it over a network such as the Internet. The NPE has accused Arlo Technologies (1:19-cv-00769), Logitech (3:19-cv-02287), and SLOMIN’S (3:19-cv-11554)—sued in Delaware, California, and New Jersey, respectively—of infringement through the provision of security systems and cameras, calling out Arlo’s Smart Home Security System, including the Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Ultra networked security cameras; Logitech’s Circle 2 Security Camera; and the SLOMIN’S Shield Security System and video camera. Pebble Tide is an affiliate of Texas monetization firm IP Edge LLC.
IoT Campaign Started over Patents from Family Familiar to Litigation
April 27, 2019
Consumer Electronics and PCs, Mobile Communications and Devices, New Patent Litigation
Wireless Communications Mobile LLC has launched its first litigation campaign, suing ADT (6:19-cv-00133), APX Group (Vivint) (6:19-cv-00163), and CenturyLink (6:19-cv-00135) in the Eastern District of Texas. The asserted patent generally relates to a technical data monitoring device that communicates data over a cellular connection. Infringement allegations against ADT and CenturyLink focus on products and services related to home security monitoring, while the plaintiff targets Vivint over the provision of devices including Vivint Smart Hub that monitor data from other smart home devices within a network.


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