Method for immediate boolean operations using geometric facets

  • US 10,120,961 B2
  • Filed: 12/13/2017
  • Issued: 11/06/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/12/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A method that performs immediate Boolean operations using geometric facets of geometric objects implemented in a computer system and operating with a computer, the method comprising:

  • mapping rendering facets to extended triangles that contain neighbors;

    building intersection lines starting with and ending with searching for the first pair of triangles that hold a start point of an intersection line by detecting whether two minimum bounding boxes overlap and performing edge-triangle intersection calculations for locating an intersection point, then searching neighboring triangles of the last triangle pair that holds the last intersection point to extend the intersection line until the first intersection point is identical to the last intersection point of the intersection line ensuring that the intersection line gets closed or until all triangles are traversed;

    splitting each triangle through which an intersection line passes using modified Watson method, wherein the modified Watson method includes removing duplicate intersection points, identifying positions of end intersection points, and splitting portion of each triangle including an upper portion, a lower portion, and a middle portion;

    checking each triangle whether it is obscure or visible for Boolean operations or for surface trimming;

    regrouping facets in separate steps that includes copying triangles, deleting triangles, reversing the normal of each triangle of a geometric object, and merging reserved triangles to form one or more new extended triangle sets; and

    mapping extended triangles to rendering facets.

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