Point and click alignment method for orthopedic surgeons, and surgical and clinical accessories and devices

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  • Filed: 09/29/2014
  • Issued: 04/16/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/27/2013
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1. A point and click method to implement intended manipulation of an external fixator frame by an orthopedic professional, comprising the steps of:

  • a) providing a computer, said computer having an input screen in association therewith wherein said input screen has a plurality of sensors associated therewith to detect and register a plurality of position data inscribed on said input screen;

    b) providing to said computer an algorithm which computes orientation data from said position data according to equations set forth in g) below;

    c) taking at least two medical images of a patient to create two views, with each view'"'"'s showing at least one bone with at least one external fixator, said external fixator comprising external fixator hardware having at least one ring and said ring'"'"'s further forming a part of a six-axis external fixator device and further comprising fixator hardware, with said at least two views being oriented from different angles and displayed on said input screen;

    d) marking by said orthopedic professional one or more points or one or more lines on said input screen to create said position data, with said position data'"'"'s representing either or both of a position or positions of a bone, bones, bone segments, joint space, anatomic loci or osteotomy or one or more elements of said external fixator hardware;

    e) extracting, using said algorithm, two or more sets of two dimensional coordinates corresponding to said points or lines on said images, calibrating said images, and thereby producing three-dimensional x, y and z coordinates for i) angular orientations of bone or bone segments;

    ii) angular orientations of said external fixator hardware, and iii) coordinates of a center of said ring; and

    f) further calculating, via said algorithm, at least one pivot point as output to an orthopedic professional to depict as output to said orthopedic professional one or more adjustments to said angular orientations necessary to achieve an intended bone manipulation configuration, wherein said algorithm further comprisesg) defining orthogonal coordinates (x′

    , y′

    , z′

    ) for said fixator hardware, defining said coordinates as one of three translational displacements for each of three axes;

    assigning Euler angles in the following sequenceRotate an angle ψ

    (yaw) around the z-axisRotate an angle θ

    (pitch) around the y-axisRotate an angle ϕ

    (roll) around the x-axiswherein the coordinates qi with respect to a Base reference framework of an anchor point pi of a ith leg are given by the equation
    qi=T+RB*pi where T is the translation vector, giving a positional linear displacement of the origin of the platform frame with respect to the Base reference framework, and pi is the vector defining the coordinates of the anchor point Pi with respect to platform framework and, similarly,the length of the ith leg is given by

    i wherein a vector bi defines the coordinates of the lower anchor point B in order to set up 18 simultaneous non-linear equations as to six unknowns representing position and attitude of the platform by implementing a mathematical optimization algorithm to extract data from said views to correlate a desired strut length with a desired geometric position for said fixator hardware.

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