Video encoding method and video encoding apparatus and video decoding method and video decoding apparatus, which perform deblocking filtering based on tree-structure encoding units

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  • Filed: 06/22/2018
  • Issued: 05/28/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/13/2010
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1. A method of decoding a video, which performs deblocking filtering based on coding units, the method comprising:

  • receiving a bitstream including data of a picture, information about a size of a maximum coding unit, and split information;

    splitting the picture into a plurality of maximum coding units using the information about the size of the maximum coding unit;

    hierarchically splitting a maximum coding unit among the plurality of maximum coding units into one or more coding units based on the split information;

    determining one or more prediction units in a coding unit among the one or more coding units using partition type information, wherein the partition type information indicates one of a symmetric type and an asymmetric type;

    determining one or more transform units in the coding unit using size information of a transform unit, wherein the transform unit is rectangular with a horizontal size and a vertical size indicated by the size information;

    performing prediction on the prediction unit in the coding unit and inverse-transformation on the transform unit in the coding unit, in order to generate a reconstructed coding unit;

    when a boundary included in the reconstructed coding unit corresponds to at least one of a boundary of the prediction unit and a boundary of the transform unit, determining a boundary strength for the boundary based on non-zero transformation coefficients, prediction mode, a motion vector, and a reference index;

    determining a deblocking filtering method including a number of filter-taps and a location of pixels to be deblocking-filtered, based on the boundary strength and neighboring pixels adjacent to the boundary; and

    performing deblocking filtering of pixels according to the deblocking filtering method, in order to generate a filtered coding unit including the deblocking-filtered pixels,wherein when the split information indicates a split for a current depth, a coding unit of a current depth is split into the coding units of a lower depth, independently from neighboring coding units,wherein the motion vector is used for inter prediction of a prediction unit to which pixels adjacent to the boundary belong, and the motion vector is used to determine the boundary strength when a prediction mode of the coding unit to which the pixels adjacent to the boundary belong is an inter mode, andwherein the deblocking filtering is performed according to the deblocking filtering method when the boundary is not a boundary of the picture.

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