3D user interface for application entities

  • US 10,331,315 B2
  • Filed: 05/30/2015
  • Issued: 06/25/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/22/2012
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1. A computing device comprising:

  • a processor;

    a display displaying a three-dimensional user interface modeled and rendered by the processor, the user interface comprising;

    a plurality of interactive three-dimensional graphic shapes, each three-dimensional graphic shape comprised of a plurality of faces having respective graphics corresponding to and representing applications on the computing device, wherein each three-dimensional graphic shape is rotatable to alternatively display any of its faces as a respective current frontward face, wherein the current frontward face of each respective three-dimensional graphic shape comprises a face to which user input is able to be directed to invoke and display an application represented by the graphic displayed for the current frontward face; and

    a storage device storing instructions configured to cause the processor of the computing device to perform a process comprising;

    receiving user rotation inputs directed to the three-dimensional graphic shapes and in response interactively displaying rotation of the corresponding three-dimensional graphic shapes according to the user rotation inputs, each rotation in response to a rotation input changing the frontward face of the corresponding three-dimensional graphic shape; and

    receiving system events while displaying the three-dimensional graphic shapes, the system events generated in the background while displaying the three-dimensional graphic shapes, and responding to the system events by, while continuing to display the three-dimensional graphic shapes, displaying automatic rotation of faces corresponding to the system events of the three-dimensional graphic shapes to become the current frontward faces of corresponding three-dimensional graphic shapes, wherein the system events do not correspond to user interactions with the computing device, and wherein, when a system event is received;

    identify one of the applications as corresponding to the system event, and based thereon delivering the system event to the identified application, wherein the identified application is configured to receive and handle the system event,based on the application having been identified as corresponding to the system event, select a face on the basis of the face containing the identified application, andbased on selection of the face, one of the three-dimensional graphic shapes containing the selected face is rotated to cause the selected face to be the frontward facing face of the three-dimensional graphic shape.

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