Battery pack tester

  • US 10,429,449 B2
  • Filed: 11/08/2012
  • Issued: 10/01/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/10/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. An apparatus for testing batteries connected in a battery pack, wherein the battery pack comprises a plurality of batteries, the apparatus comprising:

  • a forcing function generator configured to apply a forcing function signal to a battery in the battery pack;

    measurement circuitry configured to measure a response of the battery to the applied forcing function signal;

    a memory containing a capacity-compensation correction factor calculated from an average measured capacity of a nominal battery pack and a rated pack capacity representing a rated capacity of the nominal battery pack as a whole, wherein the average measured capacity of the nominal battery pack is determined by applying the forcing function to each battery in the battery pack while the battery is interconnected in the nominal battery pack to form a separate measure of the capacity of the nominal battery pack for each battery and forming an average of the separate measures; and

    a microprocessor configured to calculate a corrected dynamic parameter based upon the applied forcing function signal, the response of the battery to the applied forcing function signal and the capacity-compensation correction factor stored in the memory, wherein the corrected dynamic parameter comprises a measured dynamic parameter which is corrected due to errors introduced in the response measurement arising from other batteries in the battery pack, and the microprocessor is further configured to determine a condition of each battery within the battery pack based upon its corrected dynamic parameter.

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