Device independent text captioned telephone service

  • US 10,469,660 B2
  • Filed: 01/05/2016
  • Issued: 11/05/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/29/2005
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1. A communication system, comprising:

  • a wireless mobile device that includes a mobile device processor and a mobile device display;

    an appliance including a display configured to display text captions corresponding to voice communications between a wireless mobile device and a hearing user'"'"'s device that is located remotely from the appliance to enable an assisted user using the mobile device to participate in communication sessions with a hearing user using the hearing user'"'"'s device, wherein the appliance has a first network address and the mobile device is associated with a second address that is different than the first network address and wherein the appliance is independent of the mobile device, the first and second addresses useable to link to the appliance and the mobile device for communication therewith, respectively, the mobile device including a mobile device display and a processor, the appliance comprising;

    at least one communication component configured to enable the appliance to communicate with a relay;

    an appliance display; and

    an appliance processor operably coupled to the at least one communication component and the display;

    wherein, the mobile device processor is configured to, upon an incoming call being received by the mobile device, present a first indication of the call via the mobile device display;

    the appliance processor configured to;

    upon answering an incoming call, while at least one of the mobile device and the appliance is used by the assisted user to communicate via voice signals with the hearing user'"'"'s device, independent of any user action to associate the mobile device and the appliance subsequent to the call being received, receive text originating at the relay, the text corresponding to a transcript of the hearing user'"'"'s voice signal originating at the hearing user'"'"'s device, wherein the text signal is received from the relay; and

    (ii) cause text captions corresponding to the received text to be displayed on the appliance display; and

    wherein the mobile device is only wirelessly linked to other devices within the communication system.

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