System and method for using a mobile electronic device to optimize an energy management system

  • US 10,584,890 B2
  • Filed: 04/03/2019
  • Issued: 03/10/2020
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/26/2010
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1. A thermostat system comprising:

  • a housing;

    electrical contacts configured to connect the thermostat with wires that allow for at least two electrical connections from a building'"'"'s HVAC system to the contacts;

    a display configured to present information to a user;

    a wireless radio compatible with a wireless radio frequency protocol and configured to communicate bi-directionally with a location-aware mobile device;

    a temperature sensor;

    one or more processors configured with electronic circuitry to;

    receive HVAC data parameters, including a first data parameter from the temperature sensor comprising an interior temperature inside the building; and

    a second data parameter from a network connected to the thermostat, wherein the second data parameter comprises an outside weather condition collected from a source external to the building;

    determine a first temperature setpoint data parameter for the building, wherein the first setpoint data parameter includes a first temperature value and a first time value;

    determine a second temperature setpoint data parameter for the building, wherein the second setpoint data parameter includes a second temperature value and a second time value;

    receive radio frequency signals from the location-aware mobile device;

    receive geo-positioning data from the location-aware mobile device and automatically adjust a temperature value based on the geo-positioning data, including initiating at least one cooling or heating cycle for the HVAC system when the geo-positioning data is determined to indicate that the building is unoccupied by the user;

    electronic circuitry configured to allow the user to adjust a desired temperature for the HVAC system;

    electronic circuitry configured to analyze a plurality of data parameters specific to the user, including at least one data parameter relating to usage of the HVAC system at various times; and

    electronic circuitry configured to generate and communicate usage metrics pertaining to the HVAC system over time; and

    a compressor delay circuit configured to delay the start or stop of a compressor for the HVAC system and protect the compressor from rapid cycling.

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