Website login method and apparatus

  • US 10,868,813 B2
  • Filed: 06/10/2020
  • Issued: 12/15/2020
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/15/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A computer-implemented method, comprising:

  • identifying, by a first website by using a web browser, a website jump trigger indication to jump from the first web site to a second web site;

    in response to identifying the website jump trigger, obtaining a first token from a cookie store of the web browser, the first token associated with a website identifier of the second website and a device fingerprint indicating a running environment at a time when a password-free proxy login was previously set;

    in response to determining that a current running environment corresponds to the running environment indicated by the device fingerprint, obtaining a second token corresponding to the first token, wherein the second token comprises an access token indicating that the second web site grants password-free login permissions;

    sending, via the web browser, a password-free login request to the second website, the request comprising a third token corresponding to the website identifier of the second website, where the third token includes the second token;

    in response to the second website verifying the second token, logging into the second web site without a password;

    receiving a password-free proxy login cancellation request sent by the second website, wherein the password-free proxy login cancellation request comprises a fourth token, wherein the fourth token is an indication created by the second website for canceling password-free proxy login, and wherein the third token comprises the website identifier of the second website; and

    obtaining, based on the website identifier in the fourth token, the first token corresponding to the second website; and

    deleting the obtained first token and the second token that corresponds to the first token.

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