Method for manufacturing nickel-based alloy high-temperature component

  • US 11,021,780 B2
  • Filed: 11/16/2016
  • Issued: 06/01/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/16/2016
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1. A method for manufacturing a high temperature component formed of a Ni-based alloy, the method comprising:

  • a melting/casting step of melting and casting a material of the Ni-based alloy to form a workpiece;

    a hot die forging step of subjecting the workpiece to hot die forging using predetermined dies to form a forge-molded article, the predetermined dies being formed of a precipitation-strengthened Ni-based superalloy comprising a γ

    phase as a matrix and a γ

    phase; and

    a solution/aging treatment step of subjecting the forge-molded article to solution treatment and aging treatment to form a precipitation-strengthened molded article,wherein the hot die forging step comprises;

    a die/workpiece co-heating sub step of heating the workpiece to a forging temperature together with the dies using a heater with the workpiece interposed between the dies; and

    a hot forging substep of taking the workpiece and the dies heated to the forging temperature out of the heater into a room temperature environment and immediately performing hot forging on the workpiece using a press machine,wherein in the predetermined dies of the precipitation-strengthened Ni-based superalloy, the γ

    phase is precipitated in an amount of equal to or more than 10 vol. % with respect to the γ

    phase at 1050°

    C.,wherein a solvus temperature of the γ

    phase is higher than 1050°

    C. and lower than 1250°

    C., andwherein the γ

    phase has two precipitation forms of intra-grain γ

    phase crystal particles that precipitate within crystal grains of the γ

    phase and inter-grain γ

    phase crystal particles that precipitate between or among crystal grains of the γ


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