Apparatus for transferring torque magnetically

  • US 20050189830A1
  • Filed: 03/01/2004
  • Published: 09/01/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/01/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. An apparatus for transferring torque magnetically comprising:

  • a primary torque driving rotary member and a secondary driven rotary member;

    the primary rotary member axially overlapping said secondary rotary member;

    the secondary rotary member being surrounded by said primary member;

    the primary rotary member having permanent magnets mounted on it;

    the secondary rotary member having electroconductive elements and magnetically permeable materials;

    said secondary rotary member axially overlapped by said primary rotating member wherein said primary rotary member'"'"'s axial position relative to said secondary rotating member can be varied by a suitable means; and

    said primary rotating member being connected to and driven by a torque producing device and said secondary rotating member being connected to a torque utilizing device whereby rotation of the primary rotary member causes rotation of said secondary rotating member by some or all of the magnetic flux lines emanating from said permanent magnets mounted on said primary rotating member cutting through the electroconductive material on said secondary rotary member thereby generating torque and rotation in said secondary rotary member in relation to the percentage of the total area that said secondary rotary member is axially overlapped by said primary rotary member.

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