Assembly and method of alternative pumping using hollow rods without tubing

  • US 20060278398A1
  • Filed: 06/06/2006
  • Published: 12/14/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/07/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. An assembly for extracting a fluid from a drilled well within a geological formation, which walls are secured by means of a casing that is drilled at pre-selected depth levels, the device comprising:

  • a) a stationary bottom set configured to anchor to the casing for a deep well pump;

    b) a deep well pump with reciprocating axial movement comprising a stationary member and a mobile member, an anchorage system in the bottom part, and a centralizer in the top part, the latter two being integral to the stationary member;

    c) a series of interconnected hollow rods forming a string that extends within the well and is connected by its bottom end to the mobile member of the rod pump, such that the inside of the mobile member of the pump is in fluid communication with the interior of the hollow rod string;

    d) a hollow polished rod that is connected by its bottom end to the free top end of the hollow rod string within the well, said polished rod being linked to a system that imparts a reciprocating axial movement;

    e) a production bridge that links the top end of the hollow polished rod to the driving pipeline, which allows the recovery of the fluid pumped from the interior of the hollow rods and from said hollow polished rod; and

    f) a rigid head providing a packing in the annular space between the polished rod and the casing, equipped with a hollow polished rod lubricating device.

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