• US 20130327333A1
  • Filed: 08/12/2013
  • Published: 12/12/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/04/2008
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1. A full-face mask system for delivering a supply of gas at positive pressure to a patient'"'"'s airways to treat a respiratory disorder, the mask system comprising:

  • a shroud module;

    a cushion module provided to the shroud module and adapted to form a seal with the patient'"'"'s face;

    an elbow module provided to the shroud module and adapted to be connected to an air delivery tube to deliver breathable gas to the patient; and

    headgear to maintain the mask system in a desired adjusted position on the patient'"'"'s face, wherein;

    the shroud module includes an engaging portion structured to engage the cushion module,the mask system includes headgear connectors to connect with the headgear,the cushion module is structured to interface with the shroud module, and the cushion module is structured to form a seal with the patient'"'"'s nose and mouth in use,the cushion module includes a frame and a cushion, the frame defining a breathing chamber and being adapted to interface with the shroud module, the frame including an opening,the cushion provides a sealing portion adapted to form a seal with the patient'"'"'s nose and mouth,the cushion is a full-face cushion adapted to engage the patient'"'"'s face generally along nasal bridge, cheek, and chin regions of the patient'"'"'s face,the cushion includes a base wall extending from the frame, an undercushion layer extending away from the base wall, and a membrane to substantially cover the undercushion layer,the undercushion layer is provided in a nasal bridge region of the cushion,the undercushion layer is not provided in at least a part of a chin region of the cushion,the shroud module is structured and shaped to hold the cushion module in an operative position with respect to the patient'"'"'s face, the engaging portion including an interfacing structure adapted to interface with the frame of the cushion module, the elbow module includes an elbow, a vent arrangement provided to the elbow for gas washout, and an anti-asphyxia valve provided to the elbow,the elbow includes a first end portion and a second end portion, the first end portion providing an interfacing structure structured to engage to the shroud module, the second end portion including a swivel joint adapted to be connected to the air delivery tube,the vent arrangement comprises a vent insert that is adapted to be supported within an outlet opening in the elbow, the vent insert having a plurality of vent holes,the elbow includes a port that is selectively closed by a flap portion of the anti-asphyxia valve depending on the presence of pressurized gas, the port being positioned between the swivel joint and the vent arrangement,the first end portion of the elbow includes a series of circumferentially spaced tangs adapted to releasably engage with the opening of the frame of the cushion module with a snap-fit that provides retention, the tangs holding the elbow in place and permitting rotation of the elbow with respect to the frame, wherein the retention between the elbow and the frame maintains engagement between the shroud module and the frame, the shroud and the frame being prevented from rotation when the elbow is snap-fitted to the frame, andthe elbow module is rotatably engaged with the shroud module, the elbow module being adapted to be rotated 360 degrees relative to the shroud module.

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