• US 20180023556A1
  • Filed: 07/25/2016
  • Published: 01/25/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/25/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A micro water pump capable of controlling flow precisely, comprising an upper cover, a valve seat, a water capsule seat, a base casing, a water capsule, a crank lever, a drive shaft, an eccentric wheel, a motor, a photoelectric switch, and an output circuit board;

  • the motor and the photoelectric switch being installed on the base casing, the motor comprising a motor shaft, the motor shaft being inserted into the base casing and directly connected with the eccentric wheel in the base casing, the motor shaft and the eccentric wheel constituting a transmission member, the transmission member being radially provided with a photoelectric shelter corresponding to the photoelectric switch, the photoelectric shelter cooperating with the photoelectric switch for detecting a revolution of the motor, the photoelectric switch being electrically connected with the output circuit board, the output circuit board being electrically connected with an external motor controller and transmitting information of the revolution of the motor to the exterior motor controller;

    the eccentric wheel being formed with an oblique eccentric hole, one end of the drive shaft being obliquely inserted in the eccentric hole, another end of the eccentric wheel being connected with the crank lever, an upper end of the crank lever being provided with at least two supports extending outward, the crank lever swinging to bring the supports to compress and swing repeatedly;

    the water capsule seat being sealedly installed on the base casing, the water capsule seat being formed with at least two installation holes corresponding to the supports, each installation hole being sealedly installed with the water capsule, an upper portion of the water capsule being open, a lower portion of the water capsule being installed on a corresponding one of the supports, the supports bringing the water capsule to compress and swing repeatedly;

    the valve seat being sealedly installed on the water capsule seat, the valve seat being formed with an inlet hole and an outlet hole corresponding to the water capsule, the inlet hole and the outlet hole being provided with one-way valves which are opened in different directions;

    the upper cover being sealedly installed on the valve seat, the upper cover being formed with a water outlet and a water inlet, the water inlet communicating with the inlet hole, the water outlet communicating with the outlet hole.

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