• US 3,645,007 A
  • Filed: 01/14/1970
  • Issued: 02/29/1972
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/14/1970
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A hair dryer and facial sauna comprising a rigid helmet having an opening through which the head of the user is inserted whereby the helmet may receive and enclose the entire head including the face of the user, said helmet being formed by an inner perforate wall and a spaced outer imperforate wall which provides therebetween an air distribution manifold, said inner perforate wall enclosing only the top of the head inclUding the hair, said outer imperforate wall extending downwardly beyond said inner perforate wall to enclose the lower portion of the head including the face, air supply means including a motor driven blower and heater which delivers heated air to said manifold, steam generating means connected to supply steam to said manifold, control means for said air supply means and said steam generating means permitting selective alternative operation of either said air supply means or said steam generating means to deliver heated air or steam to the head of the user, and means mounting said helmet with the walls defining said opening lying on a common horizontal plane whereby said helmet may be filled completely with steam before said steam begins to discharge from said opening, said helmet being formed with a bleed hole in the side wall thereof, said bleed hole extending from the interior of said helmet to the exterior thereof whereby steam discharged into said helmet interior through said inner perforate wall may discharge through said hole, closure means for varying the size of said bleed hole to regulate the level of steam within said helmet, said bleed hole is situated in said side wall up from said opening as to be located in closely spaced relation to the nose and mouth of the user in said portion of said imperforate wall extending downwardly beyond said perforate wall.

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