• US 3,779,464 A
  • Filed: 03/22/1972
  • Issued: 12/18/1973
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/22/1972
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A spray device with a manually actuated pump for nebulizing a liquid comprising a housing having a pump chamber therein, a first passageway communicating with said chamber and adapted to communicate with a container for liquid to be nebulized, a manually actuated piston slidably received in said chamber and adapted to pressurize a liquid in said chamber when manually moved in a dispensing stroke from a first position toward a second position in said chamber, a first valve received in said chamber for controlling the entry of all liquid from the container into said chamber and adapted to normally prevent the flow of a liquid from said chamber through said first passageway back to the container when the liquid in said chamber is pressurized by said piston, said first valve being yieldably urged to its closed position by pressurized liquid in said chamber, a second passageway communicating with said chamber and with a spray orifice, and means operably associated with said piston and said first valve to open said first valve to dump pressurized liquid from said chamber into said first passageway when said piston nears completion of its dispensing stroke while said piston is being manually displaced from said first position and is still moving toward said second position and pumping liquid from said chamber through said second passageway under pressure to said spray orifice, whereby the liquid to be nebulized is discharged from said spray orifice substantially without any dribble of the discharged liquid at the end of said dispensing stroke.

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