• US 3,849,202 A
  • Filed: 12/20/1972
  • Issued: 11/19/1974
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/20/1971
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A method of manufacturing electrochemical storage battery elements having an inside space for the flow of an alkaline solution containing a powered metal in suspension and an outside space for the flow of an oxidising gas, said method comprising the steps of producing a coaxial tubular structure comprising, from the inside towards the outside, the following layers in contact with one another:

  • a metallic, unalterable, negative collector, permeable to said alkaline solution and capable of withstanding a radial compression, a porous, water-repellant, insulating, unalterable separator permeable to said alkaline solution but not to said powered metal in suspension, a porous and electronically conductive active layer enabling, within itself, a reducing reaction for the said oxidising gas in contact with the said alkaline solution, and a fine grid;

    fitting around said coaxial tubular structure a tubular sleeve composed of an unalterable metal which may undergo deformation and which is perforated with holes so that the metal segments remaining between the holes do not form any continuous line throughout its whole length parallel to the axis of said tubular sleeve, and subjecting said tubular sleeve to traction parallel to its axis, thereby increasing its length and decreasing its crosssectional area by plastic deformation until said coaxial tubular structure is perManently radially compressed by said tubular sleeve, said tubular sleeve thereupon constituting, at least partly, a positive collector in electrical contact with said porous and electrically conductive active layer.

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