Multiple purpose cooking appliance

  • US 3,908,111 A
  • Filed: 07/03/1974
  • Issued: 09/23/1975
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/03/1974
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A multiple purpose cooking appliance comprising a primary cooking vessel formed of material having high thermal conductivity, said vessel having a bottom wall and side walls defining a mouth, an electric heating element mounted in good conducting relationship with said vessel, thermostatic control means connected in circuit with said heating element and mounted to respond to the temperature of said vessel to cyclicly energize said heating element producing a fluctuating temperature in said vessel, means for selectively controlling said thermostatic control means to establish the temperature at which said thermostatic control means fluctuates, said primary vessel with its associated heating element and thermostatic control means being adapted to perform cooking and roasting functions at temperatures in excess of 200*F., a removable ceramic vessel having a bottom and side walls defining a mouth, said ceramic vessel having a peripheral shoulder on said side walls spaced downwardly from said mouth thereof, said shoulder being formed to engage the uppermost edge of said side walls defining said mouth of said primary cooking vessel to center said ceramic vessel with respect to said primary cooking vessel and support said vessels with their side walls and bottom walls in spaced relation forming an air space therebetween to produce a thermal lag between said heating element and the contents of said ceramic vessel, said ceramic vessel extending above said side walls of said primary vessel facilitating removal of said ceramic vessel from said primary vessel, said appliance with said ceramic vessel supported within said primary vessel being adapted to cook foods at a low temperature on the order of 190* - 200*F. for substantial periods of time without undesirable bacteria growth in the foods cooked therein, means on said primary vessel for supporting said appliance on a supporting surface, and an outer housing secured to said primary vessel and forming an enclosure for said primary vessel and said heating element.

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